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Roof Styles & Types

Keeping a good roof over your head is very important for the protection of your home Mr.Roof is a locally owned and operated roofing company based in Attleboro MA . We service the entire Southeastern Massachusetts area including RI  (Providence, Warwick, Cranston , Riverside and etc.). Whether your is in need of roof repair or roof replacement, you can rest assured you are in good hands with Mr.Roof. We use the highest quality materials, backed by the best labor and material warranties in the business. A well done roof job is very important to your house.

Simple Roof Types

What is Inside?

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are composed of: a base material, either organic felt or glass-fiber mat, that provides support for the weather-resistant components and gives a shingle strength; asphalt and fillers; and surfacing material, generally in the form of mineral granules, that provides protection from impact and UV degradation and improves fire resistance.

Roof deck

NRCA (Naional Roofing Contractor Association) recommends that asphalt shingles be applied over continuous or closely spaced wood plank decking or wood decking. The most common materials used for roof decks are plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).


Underlayment (or “felt paper” as it is frequently called) is installed over the roof deck before the application of asphalt shingles. An underlayment performs two primary functions: it provides temporary weather protection until the asphalt shingles are installed, and it provides a secondary weatherproofing barrier if moisture infiltrates the asphalt shingles.

On locations where the average temperature for January is 30º F or less, NRCA suggests installation of an ice-dam protection membrane. An ice-dam protection membrane generally is a self-adhering polymer-modified bitumen membrane.


NRCA recommends roofing nails be 11-gauge or 12-gauge galvanized steel or the equivalent corrosion-resistant roofing nails. Nail heads should be low-profile, smooth and flat.


A properly balanced attic ventilation system will help to: Remove excess heat and moisture to protect your roof from premature deterioration , help prevent roof rot in your attic or roof deck and most importantly Guard against ice damming in harsh winters.

Carlisle Roofing

Roof types. Which one to choose? The roofs of private houses are divided into several different categories, depending on the form, structural elements, the complexity of the configuration, and other things. When choosing the type of roofing in Providence, you should take into account many factors: the amount of precipitation in a given area, structural strength, wind load, the construction of living rooms in the attic, etc.

This part of the house performs several important functions at once:

  • provides hydro and noise insulation;
  • creates a barrier from the wind;
  • acts as a thermal barrier.

The quality of the whole structure directly depends on the durability and quality of the roofing material. Also, it affects the cost of heating the rooms inside the building.

So, what are the most popular types of roofing in Providence? Let’s take a look and consider their peculiarities.

Flat and gabled roofs. Depending on the architecture of the building, the appropriate roof construction is selected at the design stage. Drawings are created and calculations are made, taking into account all the features of the construction. The layout of the roof – attic or residential premises is also thought out in advance.

Flat roofing in Providence and in other places are used if a small amount of annual precipitation falls there. Otherwise, with the abundant precipitation, water will be accumulated on such a roof and it may begin to leak. In such cases, gabled roof in Providence will be a better choice for the building construction.

The main types of roof shapes

The roof structures of private houses can also be divided into several types by their form:

  • Mono-pitched. This type has a fairly simple form. This roof is extremely rare in the building of private houses since with such a design the load on the rainwater drainage system increases significantly and the overall design of this type is not very nice. In most cases, these roofs are used in the construction of house extensions of small width.
  • Gable roofs also have a very simple construction and to date represent the most common type of roof in Providence used for private low-rise buildings. The great advantage is that you can use almost any roofing materials for this type.
  • A hip roof is more common in southern areas. Its construction is much more complicated than the gable roof, therefore it is more often used in cases when the aesthetic appeal of the building is required.
  • Cross-gabled type of roof differs by an impressive number of options for its implementation, depending on the size and number of gables. It is recommended to entrust its construction to the experienced professionals since it requires very accurate roofing work.

How to choose the professional company? Almost in any article, you will be recommended to ask for the professional help instead of doing it by yourself. For some of you, it may seem ridiculous and unnecessary but note, that it’s not so simple as it may seem. Whether to choose metal or curb roof in Providence, where to start, and what to note when mounting, all these questions need the professional answers.

With the help of specialists, you will be able to choose the reliable supplier of the material for your roof, like GAF roofing in Providence and get useful advice about the overall roof construction. And the qualitative help, of course.

If you are a newcomer in the world of roofing, the main thing is to choose the reliable materials provider. We recommend you to stop your choice at the proven professionals in this area like GAF and Carlisle roofing in Providence. The quality of their materials is proven over the years and you will get the excellent result. To get the top-notch services, it is recommended to choose the companies with a good rating and positive reviews from users.