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GAF Lifetime Architectural roofing System

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. It acts as a shield against the weather, and makes up a large part of your home’s character. Your choice in roofing material is important for your roof’s performance. Please See if GAF Lifetime roofing system is your choice.

The Warranty

Roofs are not only functional in keeping your home, your largest investment,  protected, but your roof is also an important part of your home’s “curb appeal”  Choosing the right color, style and materials brings it all together. Quality Roofing services both residential and commercial roofs.

With each roof installation you will be getting GAF Premium warranty  called “Weather Stopper” , this warranty comes with every our installation (warranty certificate comes by regular mail within 30 days after install), you can also choose “Golden Pledge warranty , but it usually goes for an extra cost.

Here what are they cover and how are they different:


GAFBASE WarrantySystem Plus WarrantyGolden Pledge Warranty
Premium WarrantyNO – Anyone can installYes – Certified onlyYes – Certified only
Duration Non-Prorated*10 Year50 years*.50 years*.
Blow Off**10 year15 years.15 years.
Algae Resistance10 year10 years.10 years.
Wind Warranty110 mp/h (130 available)130 mp/h.130 mp/h.
Manufacture Workmanship25 year.
Mr.Roof.Inc Workmanship Warranty10 year10 years.10 years.
Transferability10 year20 years.20 years.

No Premium warranties are valid until they registered by the contractor and you receive ” Manufacturer Warranty Certificate” by mail within 30 days after paid invoice.

Both the “Weather Stopper” And “Golden Pledge” Lifetime warranty term and 50-year non-prorated period are applicable only to shingles installed on a single-family detached residence owned by individual(s).For any other type of owner ,the length of the warranty is 40 years and the non-prorated period is 20 years.

Only Golden Pledge warranty include any repair or replacement disposal fees.

GAF’s maximum liability for any roof shall NOT exceed three times the reasonable cost of replacement GAF Products before any reduction for use.

** After Non-Prorated period,  GAF’s contribution in years 51 and beyond will be 20%, (LifeTime).

The word “Lifetime”means as long as you, the original owner(s) , own the property where the shingles are installed.

Coverage of 100% of the cost of shingles to repair or replace defective shingles.

Coverage of the cost of labor to repair the defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace defective shingles.

All warranties are the same for the 2nd (Lay Over) layer installation exept  GAF Golden Pledge, this need to be installed on “clean deck”.

**Blow off limited warranty, no coverage after.

Mr.Roof.Inc Warranty

Full “Clean Deck” and “2nd” Layer (LayOver) installation 10 YEAR workmanship warranty covers entire roofing system and all the parts related to the roof during the installation such as, wall flashing , chimneys , Skylights if they were replaced with new ones during the installation, pipe flashing , ridge vent or any other roof vents, any other roof parts thet were necessary for properly finish the job . Warranty does not covers any kind of Ice or Snow related leaks or anything that was installed afterward, like sun panels , suttelite antennas, warranty automatically voids if it was an attempt to repair the roof by 3 rd party company. Repairs not covered by any warranty unless specify in the agreement.