Siding Installation Process


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Tear off

Siding Installation begins from tear off an existing siding, in most cases by customer request new vinyl siding can be installed on top of the existing wood siding as wood shake or clapboard.


Don’t matter which way be begin siding installation, we will inspect your house for any water damage as rotted fascias or windows sills and replace/repair them as necessary. After tear off installation we can use house wrap underlayment or 3/8 insulation to protect your house and increase its energy efficiency.


We always tape seams between insulation panels to prevent air draft. When all house is covered with insulation we do aluminum custom windows wrapping.There is two way to do it, simple flat casing or crown (more difficult) J-less window casing.


The biggest part in siding installation is prepare everything for this installation, its goes very quick when all preparation work has been done properly. When it comes to the soffit line we install soffit and usually cutting round holes every 3 feet for extra attic ventilation. After, we cover them with vented soffit and installing fascias and gutters.