Siding Types


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Nothing enhances the beauty or improves the value of your home like new siding. Mr.Roof specializes in installing the latest, most advanced siding materials that not only beautify your home, but also improves energy efficiency, reduces noise and air pollution, repels insects and rodents, decreases or eliminates the need for painting and maintenance. Siding comes in a variety of styles, patterns, colors and finishes. Our experts can help you match quality siding products with your homes architecture, your vision and your budget. When you trust Us for your new siding, you know you are getting expert installation, attention to detail and quality products that will give your house that perfect face lift you have always wanted.

How to Choose?

Water Resistant

Depending on the material some types of siding will be more water resistant than others. This will prolong the life of that material as well as prevent decay due to water or moisture.

Energy Efficiency

Siding material comes with an R-value that measures the energy efficiency of the material. The higher the R value the better the thermal insulation.

Aesthetics & Texture

The color, texture, and overall aesthetics of the siding is all about appearance. How your siding will look and what colors are available are probably one of the most important decisions that will affect your siding purchase. Brick or stone have limited color options and focus on texture while vinyl siding color options are limitless.


Eco-friendly siding is found in many current materials; fiber cement is made of sand, cement, clay, and wood-pulp fibers. Others such as wood are naturally biodegradable & green, and come straight from nature. Green siding is also related to the energy efficiency of the home and how well it insulates the heat.


How long will your siding last before it has to be replaced, maintained, or painted? Some siding such as stucco, if done right can last a lifetime of the home and will only need to be repainted every 6-7 years. Resistance to mother nature, rot, and insects can all play a role in the how your siding will last.


Installing siding is not cheap and can run anywhere depending on what you want. Determining a budget beforehand on what you can afford is prudent.