Questions to Ask your Customer


Starting a new business is not a simple task. It requires a lot of time, efforts, and investments. So, when we finally do this, the main thing for us is to attract as many customers as it’s possible. Is it the right decision? In this article, we are going to consider the main aspects of proper customer relations and give you some useful tips not to worsen the situation but to put your business on the next level.

The more doesn’t always mean the better. The same refers to customers. We are used to thinking that the more people use our services or buy our goods, the better. However, it isn’t so and we will explain to you why. The thing is that the quality matters. Quality of your collaboration with customers. Only when chose the right customer with the clear project and reasonable deadline, and budget, you will be able to do your job best. Not everything depends on you, half of the success of the project depends on the customer. Let’s consider 4 main questions that will help you to decide whether you should start the project or it will be just wasted time and spoiled nerves.

Question 1: Have you researched the project? The answer to this question will help you understand whether the customer is informed about the complexity of work, challenges, and time needed for its implementation or he will change his mind on the half of the way. As a rule, people who have already researched their project more adequately react on the budget and terms established by your company.

Question 2: When do you want to get the final result? It is very important to decide about the clear deadline with the customer. Discuss the complexity of the project and explain why you need this term for its implementation. If the customer sets the unrealistic terms for the project, it will be better to pass this job.

Question 3: How much are you going to spend? The question about the budget is one of the decisive factors for you to decide whether to start this project or not. In case, if the customer doesn’t have enough money to complete the project or refuse to share it, it may significantly complicate the whole work. Discuss the necessary amount of money for the successful project completion and if it will be too much for the customer, try to reevaluate the project. If this doesn’t help, think twice prior to starting such work. Do you need such problems?

Question 4: Tell me about the desired result. This simple question will help you not only to decide whether you have the necessary skills and knowledge to implement it, but also to understand the personality of the client. If you feel that the client is indecisive, is silent about the budget, and set the impossible terms, it will be better not to start such work.