Roof Replacement Franklin MA

Brief description

The project was to strip and re-roof house in Franklin, MA.

It was suppose to be simple strip and re-roof, with blocking 2 gable vents and improving attick ventilation by installing additional soffit vents and ridge vent. Once stripped, moisture problem has been found caused by unproper attick ventilation and lack of shingles underlayment (felt paper). Also plywood were 3/8-ich with 1/2-incn building code requirement. Customer was informed about situation and additional charges were discussed. After customer approval we replaced all plywoods on new 1/2-inch CDX plywoods. Next, we installed 6 ft. of Ice&Water and synthetic roofing underlayment. New asphalt architectural shingles were installed . Also, we installed ridge vent at the peak and improve all soffit vents.

Scope of work

  • Full strip and replace
  • Replace all plywoods
  • Improve Soffit vents
  • Install ridge vent
  • Install roofing underlayment
  • Clean up and remove construction debris
  • Supply dumpster
  • 10-year Labor Warranty
  • 50-year Manufacture Warranty

At a glance

  • Project Type

    Roof replacement

  • Location

    Franklin, MA

  • Completion Date

    April 2018

  • Project Size

    2,500 sq.ft.

  • Project cost