Epdm flat Roof Replacement Warwick RI

Brief description

Contract was signed to strip and re-roof Apartment building in Warwick RI.

Original roof has 3 layers of roofing material including tar and gravel and 2 layers of hot Tar rolled roofing. Building was 4 story high and busy parkinglot directly behind the 3 sides of the bulding. We had to use 4th side for access and dumpster. Roof has been cut on section for easier separation, so we can do a section at a time. This way if rain started we can easiely watertight it. Along the way we had to replace some plywood that were rotted.Once we clear up the area, we install 2 inch ISO insulation over the plywood using manufacture recomended fastering method. Every 1 inch of ISO insulation adds 6-R to the building roof insulation. After “Mule Hyde” 60mil EPDM rubber has been applied using fully asdhered mhetod.

Scope of work

  • Full strip and dispose
  • Repair plywood
  • Replace 3-inch drains
  • Flash the chimney with lead
  • 2-inch ISO installation
  • Supply dumpster
  • 30-year Warranty

At a glance

  • Project Type

    EPDM Flat roof replacement

  • Location

    Warwick RI

  • Completion Date

    May 2016

  • Project Size

    4000 sq.ft.

  • Project cost