Gutter Clean Up Service

Mr.Roof.Inc. offers gutters clean up service . Our gutter cleaning service consists of removing all debris from the gutters and downspouts. We are bonded and insured with both liability insurance up to 1 million dollars AND workers compensation insurance. Our workers are covered in case they get injured on your property. Thankfully we have never had to use it but it’s nice to know it’s there.

What Happens If you Don`t Clean Gutters?

Foundation Damage
If gutters are not cleaned and water overflows from the gutters, it will fall along the foundation of the building. This can soften the soil under and around it which will lead to foundation cracks. Also, if the foundation is wet and then freezes, this will cause heaving and cracks. In extreme cases, water damage can cause structural failure in a building.

Rotted Wood
If gutters are clogged, water will overflow onto the building and also will be trapped in the gutter after rain. This moisture will cause rot in wood fascia and soffit boards (the wood near where gutters are attached). This wood rot can spread to adjacent areas, such as the attic, and also provides an easy point of entry for rodents. Not only that, you will find that your gutters will start to sag as a result of the fasteners coming lose from the weight of the soggy debris.

Roof Leaks
If gutters do not drain properly, this will contribute to ice building up in them during the winter. This will keep melted snow from draining off the roof properly and will keep that water and wet snow against the house. Often, that water will migrate into the house and result in ceiling leaks, wall leaks and moisture in the attic.

Insect Infestation
The debris in gutters, especially when moist, is a very attractive habitat to insects. These insects will be attracted to the inside of the house when the weather changes, and so can lead to insect infestation within the home. Also, wood-eating insects such as termites and carpenter ants are attracted to rotting leaves and branches that collect in gutters and so not cleaning gutters can lead to an infestation of those damaging pests.

Basement Leaks
Just as clogged gutters can damage a building’s foundation by allowing water to collect close to the base of the structure, this water can also infiltrate basement walls. When water collects in large quantities against a basement wall, it is almost inevitable that it will find its way into the basement. If water does leak into the basement, this can cause black mold, smells, water damage and flooding.

Landscape Damage
The water that falls from obstructed gutters can kill plants and grass living below. When those plants die, their roots no longer contribute to holding the soil in place. The water will then wash away exposed topsoil and sand. If left alone long enough, this erosion can etch away the landscape under the clogged gutter and leave a ditch.



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