5 Tips to Set the Best Price


Establishing the price when deciding about the project with a client is the most incomprehensible moment of each deal. How to be sure that you have chosen the right price? Not too low for you and not too high for the customer? How to swing the job in your favor if the client likes bidding? We are going to discuss 5 tips on how to set the best price and fully justify it. How not to let your client doubt in his choice? Let’s go!

Tip #1Be an expert. We all trust people who are experts in what they do. Those who can reasonably explain the technical side of an issue and answer the questions competently. Same is about your client. Show your professionalism in what you do and explain him all the challenges of the process, materials needed, and methods of how to do it best. When seeing that you know his project and can give valuable tips and competent answers to all the questions, the client will make a deal much faster.

Tip #2: Explain the logistic process. Each project of the home improvement requires the well-coordinated work of many people. Explain to your client who will work on the project, what is the task for each team, what subcontractors you involve in the work. Your client should be fully aware of who will be working with the project, for how long, and what is the role of each of these people in achieving the desired result.

Tip #3: Provide reviews from customers. We all make a decision faster and easier and are more confident in it if saw the positive reviews from the customers who are satisfied with the result they’ve got. If you see that the client is doubting about the price you set for the work, provide him with the testimonials from your former clients. Thus your customer will be more confident in the quality of the work of your company and in the result which he expects to get.

Tip #4: Provide client with a guarantee. Nothing can confirm the quality of your work better than the guarantee. Believe us, nine of ten customers are doubting in their choice and are afraid of hiring the wrong pro. They pay money and want to get the desired result and it is absolutely normal. How can they be sure about the quality? Yes, with the warranty from your company. Show the client that you are fully confident in the quality of services you offer and are proud of the results of your work.

Tip #5: Back up the price with facts. Of course, if you just name the price without any accompanying information, your client will doubt in it. Regardless of how high or low price you offer, try to provide each customer with the detailed description of your work, advantages of your company, your methods, and difference from other companies. Highlight your strong sides and don’t forget to mention how many customers have already used the services of the company and were satisfied with the result.

Different companies may offer absolutely different prices for their services. It doesn’t mean that you have to reduce the price or vice versa to rise it up. Adequately explain why your services are better, provide positive reviews from customers, and guarantee the quality of your work. The quality above all and each client understands this. Let him be sure in the top-notch work your company offers.