4 Rules for Your Business to Get Ahead Competitors


We all live in a rapidly developing world where new technologies appear almost every day. We have more opportunities to develop and create something new to improve our lives and make a step forward. We don’t have time to stop and think. We should act, create, and develop always, otherwise, we will longingly look at the crowd of other people quickly overtaking us.

Our Universe loves speed and we have to do our best to reach the goal we set and don’t keep up. But how to do this? How to place the business on the new level and what is more important, save it there for a long time? In this article, we have collected four rules that can help you to get ahead competitors and achieve the desired goal. These rules may be called old-fashioned but the effectiveness of their work was proven over the years by lots of people. The rules are simple as all ingenious. Let’s go!

Rule #1: Express your appreciation to customers. Let each of your customers know that he is valuable and you respect what he does. Send holiday cards and write thank-you emails. Take care that the cards will not be just a tick in your planner and try to replace the cliché phrases with ones that really mean something to the person who will read them. We all feel when something is done just because it must be done, not because we want to do this. Don’t let your customers think this way.

Rule #2: Always keep your word. Do you like and respect people who always come on meeting in time and always do what they promised? Most probably, your answer is “yes”. So your customers do. Don’t let them down and always try to do your best to be where you are expected to be in time and to do what you have promised. Such actions make a general impression about the person, his reliability, and seriousness of his business. If you are aimed at developing the business and increasing the number of clients, try to always keep your word.

Rule #3: Always pick up the phone. Yes, you are tired. Yes, you hate answering the same questions a hundred times a day. Yes, at the end of the working day the only one thing you want to do is to break the constantly ringing phone against the wall. But remember once and for all – your customers don’t know this. All this is not their fault and each of them just want to get a calm and detailed answer to his question and order services/goods he needs. Try to give as much time and attention as needed in each case and be polite. If you can’t pick up the phone, don’t forget to call back as soon as possible.

Rule #4: Manners above all. Regardless of how irritated or annoyed you are, answer each phone call maximally politely. Manners are extremely important in any business. Make it a rule to start each conversation with the name and don’t forget to say “please”, “goodbye”, and “thank you”. Never interrupt the person you talk to and raise your voice. Remember all the etiquette rules that your granny told you and apply them in practice.

Good person, as well as good business, is known in the little things. Always put yourself in the place of your customer and you will be able to understand what is nice for him and what is not very.