How to Overcome the Skilled Labor Shortage Problem?


Running a business is not a simple task. Especially if you entrust the important tasks to your employees. How to be sure that everything will be done ideally? That your clients will be satisfied with the result they got and will come again? For many people hiring the employees on which you can rely on and don’t be afraid of their mistakes is the most difficult task. According to the official statistical data, nowadays in the USA and in many other countries, there is one great problem – the skilled labor shortage. How to overcome it and choose the people who really worth to be a part of your team? We have 4 tips for you that can help in this uneasy task and will teach you how to make out the really skilled professional among other applicants.

Tip #1: Learn how to distinguish people. It may seem a bit blurry and veiled but give us a second and you will understand what we mean. In fact, all people applying for a job are separated into two different categories. One part of them wants to find a job while others want to build a career. Do you feel the difference? And now think for a while, which if this category is closer to your life priorities and the direction of your business. If you are aimed at the permanent development and growth, most probably you will find people who have the same views of life. For rapidly developing business people who just need to work and earn money will not be enough. In such case, you need employees who move it forward and are interested in its growth same as you.

Tip #2: Make the first interview “informational”. Try to tell the applicant the most important information about your company, plans for the future, and the key achievements you’ve got. Highlight the strength of your business and explain why you differ from other companies. If you decide that the experience and qualification of the applicant ideally suit your plans and he can become a confident member of your team, arrange a second interview prior to making the final decision. Remember one important rule – don’t hire people on the first interview, even if they are ideal candidates for the position as it may seem that you are desperate.

Tip #3: Interest the candidate with the work environment. It is extremely important what is the general atmosphere in your company. Tell him how often do you carry team building events, whether your employees get along well with each other or not, and so on. It is important to make an employee want to go to work each day instead of doing it just because “he has to”.

Tip #4: Be recruiting even if you don’t need employees now. Regardless of whether you need to hire a new employee as soon as it’s possible or not, be always recruiting. In this way, you will always have the number of potential employees that suit your requirements. So that when needed you can quickly hire one of them. Moreover, it can help you to choose between several applicants when needed, otherwise, you will hire out of desperation which can extremely bad influence your business and have negative consequences.

You are the only one who is responsible for your business and unfortunately (or maybe vice versa- fortunately?) must make all the important decisions by yourself. Determine the main goals and direction of business development. Then ask the applicant about his/her life goals. If they are similar and you see that this person is willing to grow and develop instead of just making money, consider his candidacy closer.

Can you do something with the world problem of skilled labor shortage? – No. Can you do something to make your business grow and develop even in such conditions? -Yes. It depends only on you what will be with your business next year, which position it occupies, and how prosperous it is. Use our tips and hire people on which you can rely on in any situation. Interest them with the work in your company and you will be developing together.